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Burgerkill integral official video
Burgerkill Integral Official Video  11 April 2018
Burgerkill the making of adamantine album
Burgerkill The Making Of Adamantine Album  18 April 2018
Burgerkill under the scars official video
Burgerkill Under The Scars Official Video  26 January 2013
Burgerkill tour amsterdam 2018 air mata api
Burgerkill Tour Amsterdam 2018 Air Mata Api  10 March 2018
 Choky Napitupulu
The metal rebel burgerkill undefeated live hel
The Metal Rebel Burgerkill Undefeated Live Hel  20 December 2014
 The Metal Rebel
3 titik hitam burgerkill feat fadly di hellshow 20
3 Titik Hitam Burgerkill Feat Fadly Di Hellshow 20  17 April 2018
 Cegum Management

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