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Agresif bali hilang
Agresif Bali Hilang  24 August 2016
 Gus Dex
Agresif bali band
Agresif Bali Band  27 July 2012
 Gede Satria Arsana P
Hilang olih agresif bali astapa production
Hilang Olih Agresif Bali Astapa Production  28 October 2016
 Astapa Production
Agresif bali live pentas hiburan rakyat buleleng
Agresif Bali Live Pentas Hiburan Rakyat Buleleng  19 August 2017
 Astapa Production
Agresif tak bisa bersama klip
Agresif Tak Bisa Bersama Klip  19 August 2013
 Firdaus Kurniawan
Isle of the snake people 1971 horror film movie t
Isle Of The Snake People 1971 Horror Film Movie T  24 July 2012

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