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Aa raka sidan beli musisi
Aa Raka Sidan Beli Musisi  26 July 2017
 Triwana Music
A a raka sidan sing kelet sing goloh official
A A Raka Sidan Sing Kelet Sing Goloh Official  30 November 2016
 Aneka Record
A a raka sidan kenceng official video
A A Raka Sidan Kenceng Official Video  02 December 2016
 Aneka Record
A a raka sidan suwud memotoh
A A Raka Sidan Suwud Memotoh  15 February 2009
Kumpulan lagu bali aa raka sidan terbaru
Kumpulan Lagu Bali Aa Raka Sidan Terbaru  05 December 2015
 Bli Bali
A a raka sidan atep atepan official video
A A Raka Sidan Atep Atepan Official Video  05 June 2014
 Aneka Record

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 Uploaded: 2013-11-23