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Burung roa roa
Burung Roa Roa  16 December 2015
 Tivi Moe
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Road To Seven Sundays Cup 2017 Pameran Burung Be  01 August 2017
 Sekpri Sekda
Burung love bird a road to presiden cup iv pont
Burung Love Bird A Road To Presiden Cup Iv Pont  05 April 2016
 Saluran Tv Burung Online
Burung pentet atau cendet lomba burung berkicau
Burung Pentet Atau Cendet Lomba Burung Berkicau  05 April 2016
 Saluran Tv Burung Online
Burung kacer d lomba burung berkicau road to pre
Burung Kacer D Lomba Burung Berkicau Road To Pre  05 April 2016
 Saluran Tv Burung Online

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