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Kepalsuan geri mahesa
Kepalsuan Geri Mahesa  04 November 2015
 Wahyu Ferdiansyah
Full album duet terbaik gerry mahesa tasya rosma
Full Album Duet Terbaik Gerry Mahesa Tasya Rosma  14 April 2017
 Maxtonespro Hd Collection
Full album gerry mahesa live terbaik 2017
Full Album Gerry Mahesa Live Terbaik 2017  18 April 2017
 Maxtonespro Hd Collection
Gery mahesa haruskah berakhir
Gery Mahesa Haruskah Berakhir  02 October 2014
 Otox Cee Tokek Belang 28
Duet baper gerry mahesa nella kharisma ikata
Duet Baper Gerry Mahesa Nella Kharisma Ikata  02 June 2017
 Perdana Record Official
24 gery istri soleha special pernikahan gery mahes
24 Gery Istri Soleha Special Pernikahan Gery Mahes  21 May 2014
 Aliq Alfaqirfillah

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