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Manja kekasihku screen lyric
Manja Kekasihku Screen Lyric  07 March 2011
 F' Neo
Screen manja kekasihku
Screen Manja Kekasihku  25 December 2012
 Hadzhir Razali
Screen manja kekasihku lyric
Screen Manja Kekasihku Lyric  26 March 2013
 Muhammad Dhani
Screen manja kekasihku
Screen Manja Kekasihku  10 July 2016
 Sairol 123
Cover smule terbaik manja kekasihku screen
Cover Smule Terbaik Manja Kekasihku Screen  04 December 2016
 Jjj Jjj
screen manja kekasihku on sing karaoke by rad
 Screen Manja Kekasihku On Sing Karaoke By Rad  17 October 2016
 Rbs Musik Studio

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