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Full album mbah surip tak gendong
Full Album Mbah Surip Tak Gendong  02 March 2014
 Rudi Herlambang
Tak gendong original clip lyrics by mbah surip
Tak Gendong Original Clip Lyrics By Mbah Surip  04 August 2009
 Henry Hendratno
Mbah surip bangun tidur
Mbah Surip Bangun Tidur  21 June 2013
Putra mbah surip jus melon
Putra Mbah Surip Jus Melon  21 June 2013
Tak gendong mbah surip
Tak Gendong Mbah Surip  17 February 2015
 Nuryadi Gujati

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 Uploaded: 2011-05-05
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 Uploaded: 2015-02-19