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Mohabbat rere amora monata
Mohabbat Rere Amora Monata  27 January 2017
 Minpera Band
Tum hi ho rere amora om monata roker
Tum Hi Ho Rere Amora Om Monata Roker  14 April 2017
 Maxtonespro Hd Collection
Dangdut koplo monata lagu india tum hi ho rere a
Dangdut Koplo Monata Lagu India Tum Hi Ho Rere A  05 January 2017
 Elis Shulaha
Kal ho naa ho vivi ayu monata
Kal Ho Naa Ho Vivi Ayu Monata  27 January 2017
 Minpera Band
Muskurane rere amora monata cakra semar 2017
Muskurane Rere Amora Monata Cakra Semar 2017  24 June 2017
 Maximal Production
Dil laga liya lilin herlina mpg
Dil Laga Liya Lilin Herlina Mpg  11 October 2012
 Ahmadi Abdul Djalil

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