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New pallapa live karang bener kudus full album 201
New Pallapa Live Karang Bener Kudus Full Album 201  31 January 2017
 28 Dangdut Koplo
Gita cinta gerry feat tasya new pallapa live k
Gita Cinta Gerry Feat Tasya New Pallapa Live K  17 February 2017
 Top Dangdut
New pallapa full 2017 live show karang bener kud
New Pallapa Full 2017 Live Show Karang Bener Kud  11 February 2017
 Dewi Media Production Jpr
Polisi jihan audy new pallapa karangbener kudus te
Polisi Jihan Audy New Pallapa Karangbener Kudus Te  29 January 2017
 Surya Irawan
update new pallapa 2017 karang bener tawuran
 Update New Pallapa 2017 Karang Bener Tawuran  16 January 2017
 Bima Junior Official

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