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Saldy k happy valentine day beatbassgilano 86
Saldy K Happy Valentine Day Beatbassgilano 86  14 February 2017
 Iyan Dlavanam
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Happy Valentine Day Coco Lense X Faisal Reload  14 February 2018
 Breakbeat Nation
Saldy ft naldy ebiet ch b merah ricah orang puny
Saldy Ft Naldy Ebiet Ch B Merah Ricah Orang Puny  25 December 2016
 Iyan Dlavanam
Papa jahat saldy ft khevin beat bassgilano 8
Papa Jahat Saldy Ft Khevin Beat Bassgilano 8  07 March 2017
 Indo Channel
Saldy k for a b samerican big boss b b g lati
Saldy K For A B Samerican Big Boss B B G Lati  11 March 2017
 Iyan Dlavanam
Randy c ft saldy k jeksen ijen and ebiet ch b cew
Randy C Ft Saldy K Jeksen Ijen And Ebiet Ch B Cew  20 January 2017
 Iyan Dlavanam

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