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The muffet
The Muffet  11 September 2016
 Arda Ex
Bohemian rhapsody muppet music video the muppe
Bohemian Rhapsody Muppet Music Video The Muppe  24 November 2009
 The Muppets
Undertale corruptions 3 the muffet fight
Undertale Corruptions 3 The Muffet Fight  03 May 2016
Spider dance undertale animation
Spider Dance Undertale Animation  05 May 2016
Mma movie bendy meets chucky
Mma Movie Bendy Meets Chucky  18 November 2017
 Mario Muffet Adventures
Frisk vs muffet undertale animation
Frisk Vs Muffet Undertale Animation  07 December 2016
 Niddy Griddy

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