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Buaya vegetarian yasa sega official music vide
Buaya Vegetarian Yasa Sega Official Music Vide  21 May 2017
 Gede Purnama Jaya
Yase sega boreh kayu
Yase Sega Boreh Kayu  28 March 2011
 Yan Calor
Yasa sega gedenan keneh
Yasa Sega Gedenan Keneh  02 August 2013
 Yan Gun
Udeng songket kenjir yasa sega
Udeng Songket Kenjir Yasa Sega  31 August 2007
 Arya Swadharma
Yasa sega cicing kesanga
Yasa Sega Cicing Kesanga  02 August 2013
 Yan Gun

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